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 - - - - -BOOKS etc.- - - - - -
bk12rh01 BADGES & INSIGNIA of the RHODESIAN SECURITY FORCES: A.J. Arniel. Hard Back complete with Dust Jacket.  .111 Pages of Black & white line drawings of Army. Air Force, BSAP, Guard Force, Internal Affairs & Phumo ReVanhu cap & beret badges, rank insignia, stable belts etc.  Includes brief unit histories.  Minor scuffing to dust jacket, otherwise... Mint $ 35.00
12sa/wia WAR IN ANGOLA.  Helmoed-Romer Heitman.  Hardback c/w dust jacket. 1st edition. 1990 Ashanti.  366 pages. Many B&W photos.  In depth account fo the SADF Op's Modular, Hooper & Packer against FAPLA in Angola in 1987-88.   Scuffing & edge wear to dust jacket.  5 bent page corners.   Dusty/discolored page tops/edges.               vg+ $ 95.00
bk12saaf AIRCRAFT OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE.  Herman Potgieter, Willem Steenkamp, Dave Becker & Louis Vosloo. Softback, coffee table size book. 180 glossy pages. Published in South Africa 1980. Many colour 8 x 10 size. Inside front & back covers are colour plates of 32 official SAAF Squadron patches.  Covers have faint creases, scuffs and edge wear but not serious.  Overall condition is...   vvg $ 10.00
bk12sa/vc VICTORIA CROSSES of the ANGLO-BOER WAR. Ian Uys. Softback. 1st ed. Copyright 2000, published in South Africa. 127 pages. Detailed accounts of each award, dates, B&W photos. .....autographed by author 25.7.05 Mint- $ 30.00
12sa/SA01 THE SUPER AFRIKANERS.  Ivor Wilkins & Hans Strydom.  Hardback c/w dust jacket.  458 pages + 139 pages.  1st edition. 1989. Printed in Johannesburg.  History, insight & development of the Afrikaner Broederbond (Brotherhood).  Formed in 1918 it welded together Afrikanerdom to secure political power in SA...."the organisations 12'000 members permeate every aspect of South African life to influence the destiny of its 25 million inhabitants..."  MEASURES: 9 1/2" x 6".  (24cm X 15cm).   Corner tear & edge wear on dust jacket.  Overall ..... Good/vg $  15.00
bk12sa/pb PATH OF BLOOD. Peter Becker. Historical account of Mzilikazi, ex-Zulu & founder of the Matabele empire in Rhodesia. P/bk 1962. 282 pgs. Stamps on on inside cover and titles pges. Binding loose, tape on front. Fair $  5.00
12rh/whl/01 RHODESIAN ARMY VEHICLE PRINTS SET.  A4 size colour and quality B&W laser copies. (Not just photocopies) of pencil sketches by Colin Eyre.  11 vehicle sketches & cover drawing.  Each measures 298mm X 212mm (11 3/4" x 8 3/8")    Suitable for framing.  Set comes in an SA made "Flip File" soft cover display book of 20 clear plastic pockets.  (Prints simply slide out of the sleeves) .  ...............SET OF 11+1   
Mint $ 22.00
r210 SOUTH AFRICA SPECIAL FORCES Recruitment Brochure. Pre-1994. Black & White. Bi-lingual Exc $  4.00
12sasf09b SPECIAL FORCES OPERATORS BADGE AWARD CEREMONY BROCHURE.  TYPE 2.  A-5 size. 12 pages. Pre-1994. Colour & Black & White. Forward by O.C., Brief explanation of training, the Operator's badge & 1 Recce flash. Bi-lingual.       Mint- $  8.00
cer004 SOUTH AFRICA. 44 PARA BRIGADE PROMOTIONAL FOLDER. Used to hold PR information & brochures. 8" X 6". Mint $  3.00
12pstr/wj95 44 PARA BATTALION 1995 WATER JUMP POSTER.  2 piece colour paper, joined & laminated.  Measures 38cm X 28cm  (15" x 11")    Mint- $ 10.00
12vloot01 S.A.: KNOW YOUR NAVY/KEN U VLOOT POSTER.  Glossy magazine type paper.  24" X 11" (61cmX 28cm) Small photos of 10 different SA Navy ships/boats etc with statistics in English & Afrikaans. Printed by the SA Navy.    Two Folds -AS MADE.  Mint- $  5.00
12sa/rsm SOUTH AFRICAN RANK "CHART". SERGEANT MAJOR'S of the SOUTH AFRICAN DEFENCE FORCES. Full colour photocopy of 19 different Sgt. Maj., RSM's & WO badges in 1988. 8 1/2" x 11" Exc $  3.00
12swa/rsa SOUTH AFRICA & SOUTH-WEST AFRICA RANK "CHART".  Black & White laser copy of a black & white photocopy of a hand drawn chart showing SADF ranks and the equivalent in the SWA Territory Force.  (In Afrikaans) NOTE the "flaw" in bottom left corner. A-4 size 210mm x 295mm. ( 8 1/4" x 11 1/5") Mint $  3.00
12tsk/rnk TRANSKEI RANK "CHART". "TRANSKEIAN DEFENCE FORCE BADGES OF RANK". Black & White laser copy of a black & white photocopy.  NOTE the "flaw" in bottom right corner. A-4 size 210mm x 295mm. ( 8 1/4" x 11 1/5") Mint $  3.00
- - -AFRICA- - -
bk12wdhb WAR DOG: FIGHTING OTHER PEOPLE'S WARS.  (The modern mercenary in Combat). Al J. Venter.  Hardback complete with dust jacket. Copyright 2003.  Printed in South Africa. 497 pages.  Maps & 32 pages of colour photos.  24 Chapters cover Mercenary activities in Sierra Leone, Congo, West Africa, Biafra, Angola, Bosnia, Lebanon and Executive Outcomes.   NOTE: Very small bend on front cover corners. Lt Col van der WALT name and address written on title page.     Exc- $ 30.00
12np/sh80 NEWSPAPER: SALISBURY HERALD. 6 FEBRUARY 1980.  PAGES 7-18.   Classified Ads: Pages 16-18. Financial: Page 15.  Home & Garden: Page 14. Refugees returning articles" Page 13.  Editorials/Letters to the Editor: Page 12. Entertainment: Page 11. "You can vote without Fear" (Full Page ad) Page 9.  Articles on arms cache found, increase the monitor force & general Rhodesia on that day.....  A time capsule.......  Good/Fair $  2.00
12np/st64 NEWSPAPER: THE STRAITS TIMES. 21 FEBRUARY 1964.  (Singapore/Malaysian newspaper circulated in Rhodesia) PAGES 1-22.   Typical newspaper.  Articles of interest on Aden, Borneo, Cambodia, Cyprus, Vietnam, Zanzibar, Borneo, Libreville. Good/Fair $  2.00
------------ DOCUMENTS, CERTIFICATES etc- Southern Africa ----------------
12sa/uni SADF UNITAS MEDAL CERTIFICATE.  Original. Colour print on board paper. English.  Blank/unissed w/signature of the Minister of Defence.  A4 size. 210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2")  Mint- $ 10.00
mr234 1 RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION. ORIGINAL. Black & white on A4 fancy paper. Blank. Unsigned.  210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2")  Blue smudge near boarder.  Otherwise.....       Mint- $  9.00
mr248 SPECIAL FORCES UNITED CHURCH of CHRIST the CONQUEROR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE. ORIGINAL. Black & white on fancy paper. Blank. 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm)    Mint $  6.00
12sa1rr 1 RECONNAISSANCE/VERKENNINGS REGIMENT STATIONARY:  NOTE CARD. (Folding).  ORIGINAL. Black & white on grained board paper with 1 Recce Flash etc.  Inside is blank (for hand written note or invitation).   210mm x 150mm (8 1/4" x 6")      Mint $  6.00
12sa/oc1 1 SPECIAL FORCES REGIMENT STATIONARY: OFFICER COMMANDING  NOTE CARD. (Folding).  ORIGINAL. Black & white & maroon on grained board paper with OC's name & rank printed inside.    Mint $  6.00
12sa/oc2 1 SPECIAL FORCES REGIMENT STATIONARY: OFFICER COMMANDING  NOTE CARD. (non-Folding).  ORIGINAL. Black & white & maroon on grained board paper with OC's name & rank.   142mm x 100mm (5 1/2" x 4") NOTE: OC's name has been covered in the image, but not on the card)  Mint $  6.00
12sa/3p 3 PARACHUTE BATTALION STATIONARY: LETTERHEAD.  ORIGINAL. Colour on grained board paper. 3 Para flash etc on top  with "watermark" type drawing/image below.  A4 size. 210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2")  SADF stock no. in bottom right corner. Mint $  1.00
12sa5mb1 5 MEDICAL BATTALION GROUP:  COLOUR PARADE CERTIFICATE. ORIGINAL. (Bilingual)  Colour on A4 board paper. Awarded to Lt. van Niekerk for participating in the colour parade of October 1988.  Signed by OC & RSM.    210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2")     Exc+ $  7.00
12sap01 SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE NOTE PAPER.  ORIGINAL. Pale blue sheet of A4 paper folded in half with pre-1994 SAP logo. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2") (Shown appx. 1/2 size)      Mint $   .50
12rh/sas RHODESIA. C SQUADRON SAS CERTIFICATE.  Reproduction. (Not a photocopy or computer generated) " appreciation of Loyal service and devotion..." Blue print on blue parchment paper. A4 size = 210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2")  Blank, unsigned.     Mint- $  7.00
12rh/ss RHODESIA. SELOUS SCOUTS SELECTION CERTIFICATE.  Reproduction. (Not a photocopy or computer generated) "...has succesfully passed the Final Selection Course..." Black print on grey parchment board paper. A4 size = 210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2")  Blank, unsigned.    Mint- $  7.00
12swa01r SOUTH-WEST AFRICA PARACHUTE BATTALION: "Our Code of Honour"   Colour copy on paper. "Pink" tinge. A4 size. 210mm x 295mm. (8 1/4" x 11 1/2") Unsigned.  Mint $  3.00
12stho01 LESOTHO:  LOGBOOK OF PARACHUTE DESCENTS.  Official Army Paratroopers Logbook.  Form DD1548.  64 pages.  1st page for personal information. 2nd page for qualification certificate number etc.  Remaining pages for logging parachute jumps.  Never used but some corner folds on pages and to back cover.   (Shown appx. actual size)  Mint- $ 40.00
12zamb01 ZAMBIA:  UNITED NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE PARTY MEMBERSHIP CARD.  1964. Black print on light green board paper.    (Shown appx. actual size) NOTE: Stains & general wear.  Good $  5.00
bk12le02 LEGIONNAIRE. My Five years in the French Foreign Legion.   Simon Murray. Hardback c/w dust jacket. 1st US Edition.  Copyright 1978. 315 pages. 16 pages B&W photos.  Some damage and wear and heavy spine fading to dust jacket otherwise........................  vvg $ 10.00
bk12le11 THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. The Inside Story of the World-Famous Fighting Force..  John Robert Young. Soft back, coffee table size book. Copyright 1984. 1985 edition..  212 glossy pages.  MANY photos & useful reference. Scuffs to front & back covers & a fold at bottom right front cover.  Generally.......   vg+/vvg $ 25.00
bk12bbf01 STREET WITHOUT JOY. Bernard B. Fall. Paperback. 8 x 5 1/4" (20 x 13.5cm). 408 pages. 1972. 1st Schocken paperback edition. 43 maps & illustrations. 16 pages of B&W photos. 15 chapters cover the French involvement in Indochina + Comparision chart of US and French Losses & Military Bibilography  of Indochina.  Back cover has 1.5" tear at top, near spine. Dusty page tops, sides & bottoms.  Otherwise......   Good/vg $  8.00
12bbf03h LAST REFLECTIONS ON A WAR.  Bernard B. Fall.  Hardback, c/w Dust Jacket.  9 " x 6 " . (240mm x 160mm) 288 pages. Doubleday & Co. 1967 1st edition. Fall's previously unpublished articles, transcripts of tape recordings,  transcript of a radio interview & "Street Without Joy Revisted".   Preface by his widow.   Written on first blank page in fountain pen is: "For Joe, who cares.  Love Mom.  Christmas 1967." Damage & wear to DJ, otherwise....     vg $  9.00
12gign10 GIGN: 10 ANS D'ACTION. Yvon Gagueche.(GIGN: 10 years of action) Hardback. 9" x 12". 1st ed. 1985. Appx. 110 pages. GIGN training intervention techniques etc. Mostly colour photos(French language text. Photo captions in French & English.)   Exc $ 10.00
12pht/rf01 ORIGINAL PHOTO.  INDOCHINA: CRABS. Original glossy Black & White photo of the Legion Cavalry Groupement Automne using US WW2 tracked amphibious vehicles (M29's?) and wearing the Chapeau de Brusse & the khaki beret. Faint blue rubber stamping on reverse "SERVICE CINEMA DES ARMEES. PHOTO S.C.A." & A.52.158 R9 handwritten in pencil. Measures 9 1/2" x 12" (24cm x 31cm). Has some faint, minor "wrinkles", a thumbtack hole in the border of each corner & 3 or 4 tiny tears in the border at the top. Otherwise vvg+ $ 15.00
12rec/bc43 CERTIFICATE de BONNE CONDUITE.  1st CAVALRY RGT.   1940s-1950s 1er R.E.C. Good Conduct Certificate.  Probably a copy but nice patina and aged look, Excellent quality on parchment type paper.  Blank/unissued.   Measures 38cm X 28cm  (15" x 11")    NOTE: The fold lines only appear on the front of the certificate.   Exc $ 20.00
- - -OTHER BOOKS- - -
bk12nms93 NO MEAN SOLDIER. The autobiography of a Professional fighting man.  Peter McAleese.  Hardback c/wDust Jacket.  1993 Orion 1st edition.  292 pages.  16 Pages of B&W photos. Includes 5 appendices 1 of which is a list of the mercenaries in Angola in 1976 and another on Rhodesian counter-insurgency command & control structure. "Brought up in Glasgow McAleese was determined to be a soldier, joining the British Parachute Regiment in 1960, He fought with the British SAS in Aden and Borneo, and his career then became a quest for action and danger, taking him to Angola as a mercenary with the FNLA and service in the Rhodesian SAS and later in Angola with the SADF 44 Para Brigade pathfinders ....and beyond.".  Typical scuffs and minor marks on Dust jacket.  Dusty page tops but otherwise.....      Exc $ 25.00
12amb/bob BAND OF BROTHERS. E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne.    Stephen E. Ambrose.Large size softback. Copyright 1992. 335 pages. 8 pages of B&W photos. Exc-/vvg+ $  7.00
bk12us/ff FAITH OF MY FATHERS. John McCain with Mark Salter. Hardback c/w dust jacket. 1999 1st ed. 349 pages. Memoirs of the naval lives of McCains grandfather (Admiral) father (Admiral)and himself (a pilot shot down and a POW for 5+ years in VN) McCain's refusal of an early release by the North Vietnamese was based on a sense of honour taught by his forefathers.    Exc $  7.00
bk12us/wv WHERE WE WERE IN VIETNAM.  1945-75.   Michael P. Kelly.  Paperback  2002 Hellgate Press 1st edition.  850 pages (561+ appendices). ISBN: 1555716253  8' x 11" x 1".  A result of more than five years of painstaking research. Includes nearly 600 pages of alpha and numeric listings, 70 pages of appendices and resources, and more than 40 pages of maps.  The most comprehensive and extensive guide to the installations and materiel of the Vietnam War to date.  The definitive resource text on the men and material of the Vietnam War. With more than 12,000 entries, it covers the entire Indochina Theater including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and both North and South Vietnam. Wherever possible, it includes the following for each firebase and military installation: Standard and a.k.a. names, origin of names, grid coordinates, relative location, dates built and dismantled, major units occupying, dates of major attacks, unique features, alternate grids and province and military region. Plus: detailed maps and grid zone overlays; U.S. Navy and Army ships and warships; airfields and heliports; U.S. military order of battle; and much, much more. Widely considered the definitive resource on the Vietnam War, Where We Were identifies the name, location and provides a brief historical synopsis of every military installation, firebase, landing zone, airfield, port, signal site, vessel and significant terrain feature of the American war in Vietnam. Additionally, includes a substantial number from the French War as well. Exc/vvg  SOLD
12L/tr/1 THE RUBAIYAT.  Omar Kayam. Little Leather Libray edition. Circa early 1900's.   4" x 3" (10cm x 8cm)  Rarer, tan leather cover.  Cover wear, loose binding.  Some pages loose.  Fair/Poor $  5.00
---AFRICAN FICTION---- (Often based on fact & historicaly acurate. An easy way to learn the culture & history.)
bk12af/pr THE PROPHECIES. Douglas Hawkins. Large size softback. 395 pages. Copyright 2013. First edition.  Published & printed in South Africa.  AUTOGRAPHED by the author.  "Southern Africa 1872; Thandeka....meets and old psychic medicine woman and hears the first of the prophecies.  Seven years later "The Prophecies" begin to unfold as the invasion forces of the British Empire  enter the Zulu Kingdom.... Following the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift.... it is the old medicine woman who forsees the actions.... a story of warriors, chiefs and a king caught up in a churning mix of intrigue and deception."   "   Editor's comment: " historical novel that tells a tale with superb entertainment value as it follows a well thought-out and intricate plot, cleverely interwoven with factual history..."  Mint $ 15.00
bk12af/wg0 THE WILD GEESE. Daniel Carney. 1978 Bantam PB edition. Copyright 1977. 279 pages. "50 hell-raising mercenaries on a do-or die mission deep in Africa...." Fictional story loosely based on Mike Hoare. Some damage to covers but generally.....  vg+ $  7.00
- - - - - - - - - - - -REFERENCE BOOKS....Osprey etc- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12smg01 WORLD'S SUB-MACHINE GUNS (MACHINE PISTOLS) Volume 1: 1915-1963. Thomas B. Nelson with Hans B. Lockhoven.  Hardback, complete with dust jacket.  Copyright 1963.   1963 T.B.N. Enterprises, March 1977 edition.  739 pages.  Data, history & photographs of over 300 weapons.     Exc $ 95.00
12ussr01 ORDERS AND MEDALS OF THE USSR: (English Language) Hippocrene Books, Moscow/New York. Copyright Georgi Putnikov 1990. 40 glossy pages.  Half-size colours photos with text of origins, requirements, dates etc. 165mm x 220mm  (6 1/2" x 8 34")   Exc $ 10.00
kug01 KEY UNIFORM GUIDE #01: U.S. INFANTRY EUROPE 1942-45. Howard P. Davies. 1974 1st ed. vg+ $  5.00
kug02 KEY UNIFORM GUIDE #02: BRITISH PARACHUTE FORCES 1940-45. Howard P. Davies. 1974 vg+ $  5.00
kug03 KEY UNIFORM GUIDE #03: BRITISH EIGHT ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1940-43. Robin Adair. 1974 vg+ $  5.00
kug06 KEY UNIFORM GUIDE #06: U.S. AIRBORNE FORCE EUROPE 1942-45. Brian L. Davis. 1974 1st ed. vg+ $  5.00
bk13de/unf UNIFORMEN:   Booklet illustrating West German Army, Air Forces & Naval rank, beret badges & qualification insignia & shoulder patches in colour. 30 Pages. Softcover.   Exc $ 5.00
12knp01 BIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA 1: KRUGER NATIONAL PARK.   Kenneth Newman. Paperback. 241 pages.  Copyright 1980. Published by MacMillan, Johannesburg.   Field guide to some 480 species of birds.  Colour drawings of each as well as description habitat, call etc.   Small water stain & wrinkling.  Wear on covers otherwise......   Good $  5.00
12bb01 BUNDU BOOK 1. TREES, FLOWERS and GRASSES.  Soil &wear resistant Soft cover. 1972 second edition.  Longman Rhodesia.  Printed in Rhodesia by Mardon Printers, Salisbury. 136 pages.  104 B&W lines drawings and 95 colour photos & text to identify many species found in Rhodesia & southern Africa.  NOTE: ZAR price written in marking pen on cover.     vg+ $  9.00
12bb02 BUNDU BOOK 2.  BIRDS, INSECTS and SNAKES.  Soil & wear resistant Soft cover. 1973 third impression.  Longman Rhodesia.  Printed in Rhodesia by Mardon Printers, Salisbury. 136 pages.  38 B&W lines drawings and 24 colour photos & text to identify many species found in Rhodesia & southern Africa.    vg $  9.00
12bb03 BUNDU BOOK 3.  GEOLOGY, GEMMOLOGY and ARCHAEOLOGY.  Soil & wear resistant Soft cover. 1974 second impression.  Longman Rhodesia.  Printed in Rhodesia by Mardon Printers, Salisbury. 123 pages.  B&W lines drawings and 120 colour photos & text to identify items existing in Rhodesia.  vvg+ $   9.00
12bb03/2 BUNDU BOOK 3.  GEOLOGY, GEMMOLOGY and ARCHAEOLOGY.  Soil & wear resistant Soft cover. 1968 first edition.  Longman Rhodesia.  Printed in Rhodesia by Mardon Printers, Salisbury. 123 pages.  B&W lines drawings and 120 colour photos & text to identify items existing in Rhodesia.  NOTE: 10mm wear line on right front cover.  Otherwise....    vg+ $   9.00
12bb05 BUNDU BOOK 5.  MAMMALS, REPTILES and BEES.  Soil & wear resistant Soft cover. 1978 second impression.  Longman Rhodesia.  Printed in Rhodesia by Mardon Printers, Salisbury. 136 pages.  B&W lines drawings & photos and 36 colour photos & text to identify many species found in Rhodesia & southern Africa.  5mm tear in fron cover.  vvg $   9.00
- - - - - - - - - - - -VIDEOS & DVDs- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
dvd/jh/fs1 D.V.D. JARHEAD.  Region 1 (N.America) Full screen version (1.33.1)  2005 Universal Pictures.  2hrs, 3mins +35 minutes of deleted sceens & bonus featers.  Original disc, box & artwork. 2 minor scratches on disc but they do not affect play.  Box is near mint.   Exc+ $  3.00
------------ OTHER PAPER ITEMS ------------------
map/kp01 S.A. KRUGER NATIONAL PARK "Tourist" MAP:  Circa 1984. 1/2 of thepark appears on each side.  Includes animal populations, distance, geological, rainfall, vegeation.  Has a bit of writing on it and & some routes highlighted.  Measures 55cm x 77cm ( 22 1/2" x 30 1/4" ) when open. vvg $   3.00
------------ BANKNOTES & NUMISMATIC ITEMS ------------------
cn/rf/5f/45 FRANCE.  COIN.  REPUBLIQUE FRANCAIS. 5 FRANCS.  1945.  (Aluminium)    (Shown appx. 1.5x actual size) Good $  3.00
bn/sa107 SOUTH AFRICA 10 Rand BANKNOTE. Undated from the 1970's.    Serial No. C/145  065185    vg $  8.00
bn/sa5c SOUTH AFRICA 5 Rand BANKNOTE. Last issue. Obsolete in 1995.   (Shown appx. 3/4 actual size)       vvg $   4.00
  bn/sa2b SOUTH AFRICA 2 Rand BANKNOTE.  Last Issue. Obsolete in 1990 (?)     Exc $   3.50
bn/sa1a SOUTH AFRICA 1 Rand BANKNOTE.  Undated from the 1960's.   Serial No.  A/124  928905  Good/Fair $  5.00
bn/sa1b SOUTH AFRICA 1 Rand BANKNOTE.  Undated from early 1970's.  Serial number 667242     vvg+ $   5.00
cn/sa/5s/52 SOUTH AFRICA. COIN.  SUID-AFRIKA 1652-1952 SOUTH AFRICA.  5 SHILLINGS (Crown).  (50% silver content)    (Shown appx. 1.5x actual size)   Exc $ 28.00
bn/mark100 U.S. MILITARY PAYMENT CERTIFICATE.  W.W. II GERMAN OCCUPATION. 100 Mark. Series 1944. Various Ser. #'s & prefixes vvg $   5.00
bn/mark50 U.S. MILITARY PAYMENT CERTIFICATE.  W.W. II GERMAN OCCUPATION. 50 Mark. Series 1944 vvg $   5.00
mpc/jpmy1 JAPANESE MILITARY PAYMENT CERTIFICATE.   MALAYA OCCUPATION.  1 DOLLAR.  Circa 1942     (Shown appx. actual size)    Mint /- $  9.00
mpc/ph10p1 JAPANESE MILITARY PAYMENT CERTIFICATE.   PHILLIPINES.  10 PESOS.  Circa 1943     (Shown appx. actual size) Top corner fold.    Mint /- $  10.00
mpc/ph50c1 JAPANESE MILITARY PAYMENT CERTIFICATE.   PHILLIPINES.  50 CENTAVOS.  Circa 1943     (Shown appx. actual size) Top corner fold.   Mint- $  9.00
mpc/ph50c2 JAPANESE MILITARY PAYMENT CERTIFICATE.   PHILLIPINES.  50 CENTAVOS.  Circa 1943     (Shown appx. actual size) Bottom corner fold.    Mint- $  9.00
mis01 ELEPHANT HAIR BRACELET. Woven strands of genuine Elephant hair. Imported from South Africa. Intricate knots allow strands to slip through for size adjustment. Will fit from 2" dia up to appx. 4" dia wrist.    Mint $ 15.00
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